Procedures For Squarebird Rear Quarter Window Adjustments.

The following technical article is provided by Nyles Beuchel ~ Tbird1044, Ray Clark ~ YellowRose and Richard "Fuz" Johnson ~ tmjsong1aolcom. It is used here with our permission. Although these procedures are for 1958-1960 Squarebirds, you might be able to use them for other years also. First are the comments of Ken Harkema, one of the best known restorers of these old Tbirds of ours.

From the 1958 Squarebird Service Manual

Here are views from another service manual

1960 Quarter Window Parts Breakout Graphic

This additional information has been provided by "Fuz" Johnson ~ tmjsong1aolcom.

"Removing the window so one can clean all the up/down mechanisms is critical. The only way I have ever been able to remove the quarter window is to remove the upper rubber channel. It is not a problem if the system has been recently apart, but usually they are moving really slowly due to old dried out grease.

Once removed and all the pieces are removed and cleaned, you are ready to reinstall after regreasing. The initial check has to be the gap in the quarter window where the roller fits. This gap is a lot of the time uneven and bent out of shape. The lower bar is pot metal as is most of the frame. This gap needs to be slowly adjusted so the roller has no gaps anywhere along the length and the roller must move freely.

The roller must also be a solid material or a spacer made to fit inside the roller so as it moves thru the channel there is no slop.

The ones done for my '58 were different. They found a brass rod that just fit the inside of the old metal roller but had to be drilled out to fit over the pin and the regulator. He also cut slots in the end for the clip to hold everything in place. The last thing was to remove the ridge in the inside of the end of the roller so the brass rod fit like a glove and there was no slop."

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