How To Remove The CVR Unit From A 1966 Thunderbird.
(May also apply to the 1964 & 1965 Thunderbird)
Submitted by Tom Taylor ~ scumdog

The first picture is of the piece of cardboard I use to make sure the screws I remove go back into the correct position.


The second picture is just to show where some of these screws come from.


The third picture shows the part of the dash that needs to be removed to gain access to the CVR.


The fourth picture shows the location of the CVR as reflected in the top left of the mirror I placed to enable the picture to be taken.


The fifth picture shows the CVR after removal. The metal strip attached to it is my own idea. It makes fitting and removal a lot less awkward. The screw at the top of the metal strip is the factory one that screws into the rear of the speedo housing.


The sixth picture shows the six screws I removed to get access to the CVR.


Finally the last pic shows the CVR and the metal strip I attached to it. Otherwise, you somehow have to hold the CVR in place while tightening the awkward screw. Invariably it slips down before you can tighten the screw. Trust me, it tests your patience!


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