1958 1959 1960 Thunderbird Windshield Washers

These windshield washers were problematic from day one. These vacuum actuated pumps were driven off the belts of the engine. They rarely worked for more than a year. A 300-horsepower engine can be hard on a little pump. Most of the Thunderbirds were ordered with the windshield washer. The only piece left on most cars is the actuation button on the left dogleg in the interior. They are a rare and expensive accessory to find today. Luckily the rest of the Thunderbird was made soundly.


For 1958-59 This style pump was used. It was mounted by the power steering pump. It was difficult to service if A/C was also an option.



For 1960, the location was changed to mounting the washer onto the generator body.

View of 1960 windshield washer pump mounted on Tom Young's 1960 Thunderbird.

Vacuum Tee for pump comes out of main vacuum line for windshield wiper.


Engine vacuum hose to windshield washer switch routing.


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