The following historical & technical articles have been extracted from
"Thunderbird Illustrated" magazines. Please see note at bottom of this page.

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I wish to thank our webmaster, Dave Dare ~ simplyconnected, for the long hours, day or late at night, that he spent teaching this "Old Dog" some new tricks. He is teaching me how to use Adobe Photoshop and Acrobat to clean up and properly present this material to you. There is one more magazine to go through and I will add those files to this as I complete them. There are two very good articles in this final edition, plus one on Ron Baldwin's 1959 10T Tbird racing car. I will upload these as soon as I get them completed.

The copyright articles reprinted herein are taken from the short lived "Thunderbird Illustrated" eight magazines printed in late 1974 to 1976 by Publisher Jake Vandersluis of Thunderbird Productions. Thunderbird Productions has long ceased to exist many years ago and the Publisher became deceased in 2006. Attempts to contact other family members have met with failure due to addresses and telephone numbers that are no longer current. Should anyone presently holding copyright find the use of these articles to be objectionable, please contact our webmaster. This Forum is a not-for-profit Forum and there is no use of these articles for commercial gain. They are presented strictly because of their historical, educational and technical significance to Thunderbird owners/restorers the world over.

Please keep in mind that these articles were published in the mid 1970's. Much that is printed in these articles may no longer apply today. However, there are some things that do not change that still do apply. Remember while reading that these articles were written when our Tbirds were only 10-15 years old and still fairly new.

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Last Edited: 31 March, 2011

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