FOR 1958, 1959 AND 1960 SQUAREBIRDS

From Kev, in England, comes these tips when installing the electric motor.

Top tip for fitting the wiper motor kit in is to wrap duct tape around the old spindle that has the wire cables on so they don't fall out. When installing the wiper motor switch in the same place as the original, make sure you leave a gap behind the white toggle switch to the dash, as the two speed wiper switch rotates in and out as you turn it. Unlike the original, you just turn the knob and the wipers get faster. Remember this, as loads of people don't and then they think the switch is broken.

If you use the old white knob on the new wiper shaft don't put it snug up to the chrome bezel or you will not be able to turn it. You see it is a two speed setting. As you turn the knob to the right the shaft needs to go in and out, like on a groove. So if you put the white knob to close to the chrome dash bezel the knob will not turn or move.

Created: 11 January, 2011

Last Edited: 11 January, 2011

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