Alexander posted this information back in March of 2006, regarding BMW as a parts source. Here is what he had to say. "Sunroof sliders available. I came across this site for a restoration of a BMW 2002tii. The Golde sunroof in this BMW is remarkably similar to the one in the 1960 Thunderbird. In the article he mentions that the sliders are still available. They must be available from BMW I assume. They look like a bolt-on for the Squarebird sunroof." One of our members came across this post and was able to go to BMW and special order these parts. They work! This web page, though referring to restoring a Golde Top on a BMW is excellent because that Golde Top is much like ours on the '60 Tbird. Thanks, Alexander!! And thanks also to Ken-430bird60 who let us know you can still get them & that he got his sliders!

Sunroof Parts
Sunroof Sliders


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