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This is making the assumption that you have a '59 Tbird with the 352ci engine and Bendix brake booster under the hood. This is my 1960 but it should be the same if you have the same engine (not the 430). There were Kelsy Hayes brake boosters under the dash on some cars with A/C so that would be different too if you do not have the externally mounted brake booster.

In this picture above the top steel vacuum line (#1) comes out around the back of the valve cover and stops. It is connected via a rubber line on its left side to a check valve. From that check valve, a rubber hose runs to the brake booster.

In this picture above you can also see how the line comes off the (#1) steel line mentioned above through the check valve and then connects to the brake booster. You can see how that rubber line from the check valve goes to the "T" on top of the power brake booster. From the other side of the booster "T" a rubber line runs through the fender to a vacuum reservoir canister. (that allows about 2 pumps of the brakes if the engine fails). The reservoir is on the drivers side behind the fender and splash apron. You can also see the Schrader valve on the back of the block that goes down to the transmission. It is a pressure test point for the transmission. There is nothing connected to it. It was only used at the factory for testing the tranny before it was released from the production line.

In this picture above you can see the other side of the top steel vacuum line (#1) is connected to a 2 way junction on the front of the intake just behind the distributor. You can also see the steel vacuum line (#2) coming off that two way junction and going down to the fuel pump vacuum connections. Also in this picture is steel vacuum line (#3) coming back up from the fuel pump vacuum WIPER connection.

(#2 steel vacuum line coming from the two way junction is connected to the RIGHT side of the vacuum booster on top of the fuel pump (looking at the car from the front - that's what those 2 pipes are coming off the top of the fuel pump - vacuum booster). The Tbird has vacuum wipers. This fuel pump vacuum connections is marked "WIPERS" in this picture with an arrow pointing to the LEFT to the Wiper hose connection. The left side wiper connection off the top of the fuel pump is connected to another steel vacuum line (#3). It runs back up next to the 2 way junction and around the front of the carb then down the other side of the engine by the valve cover and turns up a bit before ending at the firewall. It has a rubber hose that goes through the firewall and connects to the vacuum wiper motor (with a "T" connection for the heater control valve I believe).

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