1961 Heater Core Relacement-Repair
(Should be applicable to all three years '61-'63)

Thanks to Patrick Schoni ~ just_big of Switzerland for this Tech Tip!

I changed the cooler tubes and had a leak inside the car after that. It was the joint of the heater core flange that was old and broke by changing the tube. I had some trouble finding a replacement manual so I decided to take some pictures and create something like a manual on this forum.

1st step: Take out the 4 screws for the side dashboard cover.

2nd step: Carefully take out the trim bar using a big flat screwdriver.

4th step: Remove the 5 screws of the dashboard cover, the one right down is fixed with a nut.

5th step: Remove this cable.

6th step: Remove the 2 screws of the temperature wire, the 7 screws of the cover plate and the 4 screws of the feet air blower. (I marked only 2, the 2 other ones are not visible on the picture).

7th step: Remove the heater core by taking out the 4 screws (I also marked only 2 because of the other ones are not visible). Don't forget to take out the water tubes inside the motor room.

Then you can take out the heater core, unlock the 2 nuts of the flange and fix the leak. I fixed the leak problem by adding a thick silicone o-ring. First I cleaned the flanges with a metal brush, added some grease to avoid rust in the future and put on this thick o-ring. I tested and it didn't leak anymore.

You can see the aluminium tape on the dashboard ventilation. I took an old bicycle hose and cut it on the right size and fixed it with aluminium tape because I didn't have the correct spare part, but it also works.

Created: 21 June, 2015

Last Edited: 21 June, 2015

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