1960 Thunderbird Golde Top Computer Cards

Most Thunderbird enthusiasts have heard of the legend of the Gold Top 1960 Thunderbird. These cars were supposedly had a gold painted roof. It is generally agreed that this legend started from the option code for a sunroof on the 1960 Thunderbirds made by a Golde company in Germany. These sunroofs were referred to a Golde Top on the ROT sheets.

I have found computer cards in the inner part of the sunroof on my own 1960 Thunderbird and a spare sunroof that I am using for parts. The computer card refers to a Golde Top Paint Order. Clearly someone finding this card may have misinterpreted the meaning of Golde Top. The card notes the top and bottom paint codes for the car. It warns "on Tutone cars use upper color only." Clearly, these tops were painted separately from the car. The cards were rolled up and placed in the sunroof before painting as the edge of roll of both cards are sprayed with the same color of the roof.

Computer card from my Black (color code A) 1960 Golde Top.


Computer card from sunroof used for parts - Unable to read the color code but the roof is a dark metallic blue. This is probably Kingston Blue - color code B.

So in conclusion, there is no such thing as a Gold Colored Roof 1960 Thunderbird, ...unless someone finds one of these:

Note: Factory hitch is for towing trailer containing a unicorn.

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