Squarebird  Steering  Column  &  Horn  and  Power  Steering

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Note that the Turn Indicator Cam is sitting on top of the Snap Ring.



The Horn Spring pulls up on this assembly, off of the Snap Ring. Pushing on the Horn Ring causes this plate to
make contact with the Snap Ring which blows the horn.
Notice the 'track' left by the horn brush. Normally, the 'track' should be isolated from ground until the Horn Ring
pushes the Bottom Plate against the Snap Ring to make contact with ground.
If the steering column housing has dropped too far down, the brass Brush cannot contact this Contact Plate and the horn
will never sound.
If the horn sounds as soon as the Brush touches this Plate, there's a short between the Horn Ring and the Contact Plate
which must be repaired by insulating them electrically.
Before reassembling the steering wheel, simply check resistance between the Contact Plate and the wheel center steel
If resistance is zero (a continuous path, or 'continuity') you have a short. Resistance should be very high (infinity).

This gasket material needs to be thin. It could be made of heavy paper. If it is too thick, the Contact Plate will make
contact with the Snap Ring (which causes the horn to sound). The cork looks like it has a thin coat of silicone.
This is clever... The Snap Ring also holds the Cam back from touching the bottom Contact Plate.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These 6-32 x 1/2" screws have insulators to isolate them from ground.  One guy installed them
upside down and couldn't understand why his horn blew constantly.

Various wiring for the steering column which includes; Turn Signal, Stop Light wiring, fused Power wires, and Horn
wire.  At the top of the picture is the Neutral Switch, for starting in 'P' or 'N'.  It also controls the convertible top operation
and Back-up Lights if your Squarebird is so equiped.  BTW, this is an easy way to tell if your car has Back-up Lights.
Why so many BLUE-RED?  Dash Lights; never enough splices for them.



These are the 'elusive' BLACK-RED Backup Lights wires.  Your car only has them with the backup lights option.
The other Neutral Switch wires, RED-BLUE, go from the Key Switch to the Starter Solenoid.



Neutral Switch wiring












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