1960 1961 1962 1963 Ford Falcon Detent Plate

First Time Available!

This a newly redesigned Detent Plate that fits the 1960-1963 Ford Falcon. This plate replaces your worn 1960-1963 Ford Falcon detent plate (Part number 7A216). This is for all cars from these years equipped with the Ford-O-Matic 2-speed automatic transmissions. This will keep your automatic transmission lever more securely in park and make gear selection less vague.

The plate is made of .089" low carbon mill steel cut by CAM (computer-aided machining). It is a bolt-in replacement that fits on the shift flange ( 3511 ) as shown below.

The new detent plate replace all styles of detent plates from 1961 to 1963.

This is not NOS, it is a high tech replacement for your original detent plate. The park slot is cut just slightly larger than the end of the shift lever, so you shift lever will have no play in park. It is better than NOS.


The new detent switch fits all styles of detent plates from 1960 to 1963. Made in USA. It is better than the original, if you can find one, as it is precision cut with a laser CNC machine. It is more precise and fits better than the original stamping. The slot for park is precisely the diameter of the shift lever end to keep your car more firmly in park.

Don't let this happen to you:

1962 M-series Ford Thunderbird popped into reverse from park because of worn transmission linkage components, including a worn detent plate.

Comments from satisfied customers:

  • I installed mine and the car LOCKS into park now! It's great.
  • There is an audible click and you can feel it engage the detent plate. Much more secure and safe.
  • ...the shifting ain't sloppy anymore.
  • Thanks to this item I bought from you, it works perfect. Park is no problem anymore.
  • ...awesome! I installed my shift plate tonite. My car now CLICKS into every gear.
  • ...The detent plate is first class. I am very happy with the improvement. I wish everything would work that well.
  • Installed my plate today, actually was not difficult and went smooth…seems to click into place really nice, mine was not in bad shape at all being low mileage (19,000 miles) but changed it anyway. … yours was a better design to start with.
  • Wish Ford would have made this part this good!!


We recommend the socket assembly (steering collar) for the gear shift lever (part number C0DZ 7228-A) and the gear shift lever (part number C0DZ 7210-B) and bushing(part numbers B8S 7246-A) also be replaced to restore the shifting action to like new. If the end of your gear shift lever is worn or the hole for the roll pin on your gear shift collar is enlarged or oblong this detent part alone will not cure your sloppy gear shifting. You need to replace or fix the hole in the collar with soldering or epoxy. The gear shift lever can be bought in reproduction from many of the vintage Ford Falcon vendors. The B8S 7246-A usually comes with the shift handle.

To pay by check, please send $35.00 plus $6.00 shipping to:

Marianne Woloszyn
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