1966 Through 1977 Ford Bronco

Automatic Transmission Detent Plate

This plate replaces your worn 1973-1977 Ford Bronco detent plate (Part number 7A216). This is for all cars from these years equipped with automatic transmissions.

This will keep your automatic transmission lever more securely in park and make gear selection less vague.

This is not a reproduction. It is better than the original Ford part.

The plate is made of .089" low carbon mill steel cut by CAM (computer-aided machining). It is a bolt in replacement that fits on the shift flange ( 3511 ).

This new detent plate replace all styles of detent plates of Broncos from 1973-1977:


Comparison of old and new detent plate - note sharper edges and resized park slot.

This detent plate is made in USA. It is better than the originals, if you can find one, as it is precision cut on a electrical discharge cutting machine. It is more precise and fits better than the original stamping. The slot for park is precisely the diameter of the shift lever end to keep your car more firmly in park.

Don't let this happen to you:

1962 M-series Thunderbird popped into reverse from park because of worn transmission linkage components, including a worn detent plate.

Simple installation takes only fifteen minutes!

To install the plate do the following,
1. Block your wheels and/or set your working parking break, it is advisable to do both.
2. Remove your steering wheel, this may very depending on what steering wheel you have. An aftermarket GT grant wheel so I just popped the horn cap off, marked the shaft for center, and removed the nut using a 15/16" socket. Then I pulled the steering wheel off with a swift jerk of the wheel, mine has been off several times recently so you may need to use a steering wheel puller. Also remove the spring from behind it.
3. Remove the turn signal switch by taking out the three screws (shown with white arrows) then unscrew the signal lever and carefully pull the switch out there is a plate that sits over the plastic sw itch.. To get it all the way out you will have to carefully pull the wires out of the column slightly. No need to pull the wire all the way just enough to let the switch hang to the side.
4. Remove the shift indicator flange by removing the two nuts (white arrows) with a 7/16" socket. When pulling it of be careful not to drop the 2 square head bolts down the column. There is bushing in front of this that will come free once you unbolt the flange.

5. With the shift indicator flange pulled out you can see the detent plate on the back. Remove the two screws holding it on and replace with the new one. Before reassembly apply some grease to the face and detents of the plate to reduce wear.

6. Then reinstall the shift indicator flange. This is a little tricky. Insert the square head bolts back in the flange and start the nuts on the bolts slightly. Push the shift collar down on the column. Align the flange and push the flange onto the collar while pushing the two nuts to hold the bolts in. The square head bolts sit in a groove inside the shift collar. Once in place tighten the to nuts.
7. Replace the bushing over the steering shaft.
8. Install the turn signal switch you may have to reach under the dash to pull the slack out of the wires to allow it to sit properly. Don't forget the plate that sits over the switch.
9. Put the spring over the shaft and slide the steering wheel back over the splined shaft align the top of the wheel with the center mark made in step 2. Install and tighten the nut. Then replace your horn assembly.
10. You may need to readjust your transmission linkage to make the detents on the transmission line up with the column.

instructions by scsm76 as reviewd on classicbroncos.com.

Enjoy the piece of mind that you won't have a runaway Bronco!

Old detent plate that is nearly worn through. Is your detent plate ready to fail? Replace it now with the new high-tech high-tech version.

Comments from satisfied customers of detent plates I have designed:

It is recommended that the socket assembly (steering collar) for the gear shift lever (part number 7228) and the gear shift lever (part number 7210) and bushing(part numbers B8S 7246-A) also be replaced to restore the shifting action to like new. If the end of your gear shift lever is worn or the hole for the roll pin on your gear shift collar is enlarged or oblong this detent part alone will not cure your sloppy gear shifting.

This Detent Plate fits Ford Bronco 1966-1977. You can buy the detent plate by clicking on the PayPal link below. The cost is $37.00 plus $6.00 shipping for anywhere in the continental US. Shipping elsewhere is extra cost, please add note when purchasing to obtain cost to ship to your destination.

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