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Originally Posted by SandyBoy View Post
I live on a dark street, across from a large county park. At night it is very dark here and I set it for 120 seconds (the max) and it lights my way to see the keys, and get in safely. It's one of those convenience item that once you have it you get use to it. It also works on High Beams, if you switch to that. Mine is set on automatic.

Approaching the car, and using the key fob thing a click to open the door locks will also tell the photogenic thingiee that it is DARK outside and turn on the headlights & taillamps to illuminate your way. It will also start the car and if I park & set the heater & seat warmers, in advance, I will enter a warmed up car, and have a warmed seat. It will also check the doors & make sure that they are locked. When i enter (and it's running) I have to insert the key into the ignition before I do anything. If i do not do that, the first time I step on the brake oedal - - the car will stall and not re-start until I insert the key.
This to keep anyone from breaking the glass to get into the running car & steal it. As soon as they push the brake pedal, she dies and will not restart.
If I puther in the garage, I must bring the clicker to open/close the garage door with me into the house, asI must use it to open the garage door, BEFORE remote starting the car. Can't run a car in a closed garage, ya know.
It all sounds technical. But I beat you on one thing I donīt need to take my key out of my pocket. I only opend the door, and push the startbutton. When I leave the car, I only put my finger on any of the 4 door-handle, and it closes everything. Very handy.
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