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Originally Posted by simplyconnected View Post
Current drain would be worse if the drain was constant because lead-acid batteries partially recover during 'rest time'. Did you ever crank the starter until the battery was so dead that the starter solenoid would only click, only to try later and find the battery has more cranking power? That is the type of intermittent drain and recovery I'm referring to.

A healthy battery should last a few weeks of idle time before the clock affects cranking power. - Dave
Thanks Dave. Very interesting, and I would assume a constant draw when changed to a quartz replica clock?

That antique car "click" is funny because the 2013 Charger RT lit up the instrument panel with lights and operated the wipers one swipe when the battery became drained. Even the power windows and lights worked, but not the power seats. The Check Engine light remains on because a couple throttle sensor codes are set when there isn't sufficient battery power. Lucky I have an OBDII tester that will clear this once the battery is re-charged.

As I said, we lock the car now so it will enter "sleep mode".

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