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The book is written by two of THE foremost authorities on Y-Block engines. They have dedicated themselves to this engine because they are passionate about it as evidenced in the following quote:

"Forget the 90-degree Fairlane V-8 known as the small-block Ford, and both the FE and 385-series big-blocks a lot of enthusiasts like to install in classic Ford trucks. If you're building a vintage Ford truck, the Y-block is the only mill that will do from an emotional standpoint."

Funny but here in Detroit, Hot Rodders claim, 'it's not a real hot rod unless it has a flathead Ford engine.'

There's an old saying that goes, 'There's no replacement for displacement." Nyles, you should know this well.

I have a Y-Block in our '59 Galaxie because it came with the car. It's a nice engine but c'mon... 292 cubic inches is way underpowered in a full size Fordor. Everything you can do with a Y, you can also do with an FE only cheaper.

The 'Y' was Ford's first attempt at building an overhead valve engine. This was one step up from the Ford flathead. The 'Y' came with many design flaws, most (but not all) of which were corrected in the FE. Notice, none of the Squarebirds had a 'Y'. Also notice, NONE of the Squarebird builders reverted to the 'Y' as it was a good 'first attempt' but far too small for a personal luxury car.

I'm sure I'll get feedback about this post but it is all true. I will only go through and name the 'Y-Block' faults if asked. I spent a lot of time and effort correcting them for my build. - Dave
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