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Wow! Welcome to
I also own a '59 with a 292 but it has the Galaxie trim. The car is stunning, even in a fordor. Ford did a very nice job in muting the rear door handles. I love a fordor because all my friends can jump in and out without pulling the front seat up. It suits me just fine.

The best answer I can give is, this car is yours to do what you wish. I updated mine so I can cruise any time and in any traffic situation. I changed my rear leaf springs and I have an alternator that puts out over 100-amps with an electric fan, so I'm good in any rush hour or parade traffic. The engine never overheats and the alt keeps the battery up.

I installed electric wipers, power disk brakes and rack-and-pinion steering. I overhauled the engine with new pistons (=.030"), Viton valve seals, hardened exhaust seats, and I sent the Town & Country radio to Florida for a retrofit. Now it plays AM/FM/MP3 stereo and it controls the antenna.

I did the work over time and I suspect you will too. This car is HUGE and very heavy. Buy a good set of jack stands, a safe floor jack and you will need a Shop Manual. - Dave
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