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I'm not one to dig up old topics but I'm back again with this issue and don't want to start a new thread.

So the original problem was just a very dead battery. Replaced it and my Bird fired right up. But I've gone another couple months without driving and I'm back to square one. Yesterday when I went to crank it it just made a click and that was it. I tried a couple of the tests I was given, used a cable between the 2 large terminals and had a ton of sparks. So I went ahead and replaced the starter cable and the starter. Here's where it gets interesting. I did my research and from previous posts found the type of starter I needed:

When I took the old one off i found one that looks like this:

I was able to get the new one in though. And just for the heck of it I replaced the starter relay also. So now when I try and crank I get kind of a click near the relay and another strange sound that's hard to describe. Almost like a rubber band popping. But not every time. Regardless the starter isn't moving at all. I did check the battery and it's under 12 volts according to my multimeter. Could this be the issue?
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