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First of all thanks for the suggestions I should also add that I am a new member. I neglected to mention that in my initial post. I tried a couple of those suggestions. I inspected the plugs. All were about the same. They have a greyish tint, not wet or oily but I would say that the engine is running cool and rich. I don't drive the car much. Basically Fridays to work. It will get a short run on the freeway for about 2 miles. Beyond that I run it in the garage trying to troubleshoot this issue. I swapped the plugs but that had no effect. I closed off the pcv, oil filler cap and manifold fittings. I checked for vacuum at the oil dipstick tube looking for possible crankcase pressure and found nothing. I have checked the valves with the covers removed they all move the way I think they should. No bent pushrods. The car seems to run slightly better at higher rpm. I notice the miss when the idle kicks down. I here it skipping out of the exhaust. This was an ongoing issue before my rebuild. I had a mechanic do a balance test and 4&7 failed to deliver. I am hoping someone may have come across a similar issue.
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