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Hey Papa, please use punctuation.

The neutral safety switch is also out of adjustment. It's common for it to get out of adjustment as it is held in place through slotted holes and self-threading screws through the steering column outer housing. The screws can loosen over time, and if over-tightened, strip the threads in the column metal.

This is such a common problem with Fords of his era. Once I went to start my friend's 65 Galaxie that she hadn't been able to start for weeks. In park, I turned the key, and nothing happened. Instinctively I reached over the top of the column with my left arm and pulled up on the shifter lever, and turned the key with my right, and the car started right up. My friend was incredulous, jumping up and down, asking me how the heck I did that. I had to think back through before I could explain.

Once you get yours adjusted and the mounting screws tight, use a large worm type hose clamp to clamp it tightly into place, and it will maintain its position.
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