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Question 62 heater core

Hi I recently replace the heater core in my 62 and put in a exterior heater control valve in the engine compartment and hooked it up the smaller heater hose from top of water pump to lower connection of heater core. Now my question is why am I still getting heat in the interior when inner control is in the off position and I verified the heater control valve is completely closed.
Now bear with me while I explain my confusion in the flow of coolant as shown in the shop manual.Here goes flow the heated coolant flow from the intake[larger hose] to the top connection of heater core through the heater core to exit from bottom connection through the control valve [smaller hose] to the top of the water pump. What's confusing logically you would think the control valve would be connected to top connection of heater core as the hot coolant is flowing into the heater core from intake and if I am to install a shut off valve flow for the summer should it not be in the larger hose that flows to top connection of heater core. Can someone shed some light on this one. Thanks
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