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Default Torque ...

A 4.25" stroker kit and a .030 over bore will get you 445",s. That setup with crank, rods, forged pistons/pins & chrome molly rings, with main and rod bearings, balanced will run you around $1700. Not very hard to get 500+ft/lbs with a very broad torque curve. That will put a smile on your face. Have your block sonic checked for wall thickness before you put any money into it. If you go 428 crank with a .030 overbore that will net you around 416",s. By the time you pay to have the crank turned and polished, the rods reconditioned (personally I wouldn't use 50 year old rods in a nice engine), and new pistons/rings and all the other items listed with the above package you are pretty close, or at the price of the 445 setup. It's good to have a Bad Bird. Mike
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