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Question C.V.R. or Light Switch

Hi Guys, We were out for a joyride with the Club out in the country. We stopped for a meal & after a couple of hours it was time to go. When we took off everything was O.K. It was starting to get dark so I put the lights on & the Engine died. I switched the Lights off & started the Car, but when I switched the Lights on again the Engine died again. The Fuel gauge not working & no Instrument lights. I started the Bird again & only turned on the Parking lights & it was O.K. We were about 25 Miles from home & arrived without a problem. Luckily I didn't get picked up by the cops. The next day I drove the Bird around the block a few times with the Headlights on & didn't conk out. The Fuel gauge still not working & no Dash lights. We had a Car Show last week & was dark when we left & had the same problem after about three minutes of starting the Bird. Luckily the Show was only about 1 1/2 miles from home. I drove home with the Parker lights again.
Can someone please advise.

Thank You

Chris......From OZ.
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