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Default Piston Problem

I've pulled apart a 430 that was rebuilt years ago by others, in search of the cause of a knock. After removing one head I discovered that the step on the pistons was at the bottom, not the top as I've done on 430 rebuilds. Since this motor has right and left pistons, I pulled the other head and the story was the same, all pistons had their steps at the bottom. Not sure why, so I looked a little closer and could see that the .030 pistons all had 'Front' and an arrow pointing to the front, so the rebuilder installed them that way. It appears to me that these pistons were marked wrong by the manufacturer and should be rotated. This motor has had about 45 min of run time and I think that I could easily do this without replacing any parts. Of course I'm still searching for the rod/piston knock in #2 cylinder. Has anyone else come across a similar situation or have any advice?
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