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Originally Posted by simplyconnected View Post
Steve, this isn't about who is right.

Roller cams do not destroy lifters, especially not different lifters. You're on your fourth set of very expensive roller lifters. Remember, these are some of your posts:

Many of us begged you to pull a lifter apart to see why it failed. At one point you offered to send a bad one to anyone who asked. I did. Then, nothing. You offered no explanation for the many failed SETS of expensive roller lifters. Lifters are easy to inspect, measure and diagnose.

Valve guides don't go bad in a couple hundred miles.

Hiding the weenie helps nobody and neither does denial. If I had ONE lifter go bad, I would not rest until the root cause was exposed. Again, cams don't destroy hydraulic roller lifters. You had dozens fail. You changed your first cam because it was too aggressive and your builder didn't dissuade your choice which ended up costing many hundreds more.

If only one of our members can learn from these mistakes, THAT is what we're here for. - Dave
More or less what Dave said.

The Kiwi way would be: stuffed lifter(s)? - find out the reason, no guessing, get it right and fix whatever the problem was then replace the lifters.
Wrong cross-hatch? Somebody should get a figurative kick in the pants first up. Then re-hone, re-ring and glue the motor back together.
The other bit like valve guides should not need touching IF they had been rebuilt/refurbished/replaced when the motor was built.
It costs way too much for parts here in The Land of the Long White Cloud to replace parts willy-nilly.
Not bagging you Yadkin, just frustrated on your behalf after reading of your problems and your attempts to get thing right.
And I believe in publicing my car problems - (a) to see if anybody can assist and (b) to warn others so hopefully they don't end up with the same problem.
A Thunderbirder from the Land of the Long White Cloud.
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