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I hope this will work. The drivers side line out of the fuel tank is braided hose ending at the mechanical pump. After the mechanical pump I have a filter and a non-return pressure regulator and gauge. When sitting in the drivers seat with the hood open I can watch the gauge tell me 6psi. The passenger side which is the fuel supply for the nitrous plate has the filter right after the electric pump leading to a return regulator and another fuel pressure gauge. For the return line I used some braided hose to go across the crossmember and clamped it on to the original fuel line to get back to the tank. I am wiring it so that the "ARM N2O" switch will turn on the electric pump too. I will be using a throttle position switch on the carb and a delay switch to experiment with.

I ran the lines on both sides of the car tucked in behind the drip channel. Got to be careful when lifting the car. The radiator is a griffin that I chose based on its similar dimensions to the original rad. The fan I forget - just got the strongest one I could find (and it is running a bit warm- stays at 180 for awhile then creeps up to 200-205)
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