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Originally Posted by pbf777 View Post
...I agree that the FE receives more support today in the after-market than the MEL, but make no mistake, both are "dinosaurs", and if familiar with each, one realizes they are very much "cut from the same cloth"...
Who is your best supplier for 430 MEL engine parts?
Our members would love to have a good source for pistons as well. If you know where I can buy thermostats and an oil pump for a 430, that would help too.

Ford's 430 MEL engine was the only block with the decks milled on an angle. No other Ford engine before or since used that design. Oddly enough, the Chevy 409 was in the exact same boat. I believe the Engine Engineers went to the same schools, here in Detroit but it was an inferior design and quickly dropped by both corporations.

Fact is, many more 460s were produced than 430s.

FE engines and MEL engines were worlds apart and NOT cut from the same anything. Y-Blocks also had a valley pan under the intake manifold before FEs were designed. - Dave
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