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papa john, welcome to I read your post and understood every part of it so don't listen to the 'English Gestapo', (Yadkin). His English isn't the best, either.

I hope to see you post more questions. If the answers are not clear, ask again. We have a lot of good experienced mechanics that are eager to help. These old Ford cars are nothing like modern cars. Most modern mechanics won't touch them unless the car has a computer on board.

I'm in Detroit which is one mile from Windsor, ON. I envy you guys for knowing French AND English. Truth is, when my father's grandfather came over here from Wales, he spoke English but made his mark with an 'X'. Back in the old country, schooling simply meant more time away from earning desperately needed money for the family. When they landed in the coal mines of Pennsylvania, the New World story was the same as the Old World. Fill four cars. Each of them holds 4-tons. That's 16-tons, every day. No punctuation necessary. - Dave
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