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Default Did Your Tbird Make The 2017 Squarebirds Calendar?

Last year there were, if I recall correctly, about 78 Calendars bought. This year, there have been 37 bought. The decrease might have been because we now offer the Calendar for FREE to any of our users around the world, who do not want to buy a calendar made by our supplier, and are willing to print out their own calendar. The details on how to do that are posted in Post #5 below. To my knowledge, all 2017 calendars that were ordered have been printed and received by those who bought them. If that is not the case, please let me know. Here is the link to our 2017 Calendar for those of you who want the calendar, but have not downloaded and printed it out yet.

However, if you prefer to buy a complete calendar, put together, hole punched and ready for hanging on the wall, contact me by email or Private Message. I can tell you the details, cost, shipping, and send you the link on how to order them. There has been a change of our procedures in effect in the last week or so and that will save you a bit of money. $2.50 of the cost per calendar now goes to help support our Forum server.

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