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Default My 60 Thunderbird made it home!

Thanks to a friend who was able to go haul my 1960 Thunderbird, I now have it at my house.

Upon closer inspection, the body is maybe "average". It needs a lot of work to get it to paint stage. Just a lot of dings and it looks like someone took an angle grinder to it in places for some reason!

It did come with almost all the chrome trim though.

I'm going this weekend to pickup a 352 engine to throw in it and hopefully it will be driveable.

The interior soft trim is pretty much all gone except for the seats (which will need redone).

I Googled some door panels and the price totally shocked me. Does anyone have a lead on some used ones? I do have the armrests and such already....I'm just missing the panels.

I'm still at the "assessing" and drawing up the whiteboard stage of things.

I'm awaiting delivery of my shop manual this week, so once that arrives I can really get my teeth into this project!

Sadly, it appears I can't post photos yet (bc I'm a newbie?). But once that feature is activated I'll post some up.
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