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I made a piston stop tool and verified TDC using that. I put a new harmonic balancer on the car and everything was right on. BTW, I compared the old balancer to the new one, and the timing marks lined up, so the outer ring of the old balancer had not moved.
I then pulled a valve cover to check valve timing and again the valve overlap was right on using TDC mark.
I also tightened the timing pointer so it doesn't bend away from the timing cover and should be more accurate.
Prior to the latest teardown, I think I was running about 10-12 degrees advanced, so when I get her started up, I'm going to see where the timing is now. Never moved the distributor, so it should repeat, except for fixing the timing marker.
The old Autolite 4100 does not have a ported vacuum port, so you have to use manifold vacuum.
The car was running pretty good, prior to this last teardown, but I was having temperature problems when the car idled. I also changed the water pump and am putting a 6 bladed fan on. I had previously replaced the thermostat and installed a fan shroud. I took the backing plate off of the old water pump and everything looked fine. No visible erosion or wear on the impeller.
We'll see how she acts when I finish getting it together.
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