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Default FE engine timing?

I took the front part of my engine apart today, to check things like the harmonic balancer and water pump. Like most Fords, I was running hot when it idled
. Got the water pump off and pulled the back cover to check the condition of the impeller, and it looked great. No problem. Then I removed the harmonic balancer, and aligned it with the new one, and the timing marks were right on. The only thing I did find, was the timing indicator, that is spot welded, to the timing chain cover, is only spot welded on the top side of the indicator. Since it is an "L" shaped bracketed indicator, it is very easy to bend or move the indicator which can greatly affect your timing. Since I read a lot of posts indicating that you can retard or advance you timing a couple of degrees, this seems to be a place to really consider. I was advancing my timing significantly, from factory specs, and wondered what was going on. Now, I think, that it was the timing indicator being bent showing timing much later than it actually is. Just wondering if anyone else has come across this?

When I go back together, I will make sure the timing indicator is securely fastened to the timing cover, so it can't be bent or misaligned, so I can get an accurate timing of the engine.

These are things I didn't look at 20 years ago when I rebuilt the engine.
P.S. The rebuild now has 156 miles on it. ;-)
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