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Originally Posted by billy whizz View Post
...If I cannot make a simple repair myself I will just have to cut my losses and sell the car as a dud. Sad end to ten years of (largely frustrating) ownership.
I've often expressed empathy for restorers abroad. It's ten times harder for them because a Thunderbird is simply another foreign car.

Truth is, only the old guys in the States are good at overhauling our classic transmissions. Modern transmissions with six or more fwd speeds are far more complicated but not rare like the Cruise-O-Matic.

We have heard horror stories about European mechanics working on Thunderbird transmissions. One of our members in Germany sued his restoration company for damages. The restoration company sent the Thunderbird to a transmission shop for an overhaul. They charged for but never did ANY transmission work.

The components in your Thunderbird are designed to take abuse for many years and in many climates. Service in the UK is milk toast by comparison to our dessert and mountain ranges. Your transmission should outlast the engine by far unless it was ran with low hydraulic oil.

I hope you find an old guy with tools and experience to work on your trans. The work isn't hard but there is a learning curve before experience prevails. - Dave
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