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Default Fuel pump/wiper vacuum

I'm sure this subject has been presented numerous times, and I did try and research an answer before posting.
Can I get schooled on why the vacuum for the wiper motor is ran from the fuel pump? Was wondering if it has a intermittent vacuum purpose maybe? Or perhaps it can be run off of straight manifold vacuum?
The reason I ask, is I'm chasing a vacuum leak, and would like to start weighing options for conversions, i.e. fuel pump, electric wiper install and switch. I believe in diagnosing problems before just throwing parts and upgrades at it. It may be an OCD of mine, but I won't sleep until I know what the problem was to begin with, even after I upgrade haha...much thanks in advance. I researched the library, but couldn't find an explanation on why the vacuum is pulled from the pump to begin with. Thank you,
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