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blue62tbird 07-09-2018 01:02 PM

Fuel tank access
Is there fuel tank access from the trunk or do I need to drop the tank to get to the float /pickup device? I have a gas gauge that has only worked 2 times for a short drive since I got the car. I assume it could be a ground issue from the unit wiring or I need to replace it all.

jopizz 07-09-2018 01:26 PM

Yes, you can get to the sender through the access panel in the trunk.


blue62tbird 07-09-2018 02:37 PM

What are my chances it is just bad. I know (I thought anyway) that a bad ground can also cause a malfunctioning gauge?

blue62tbird 07-09-2018 02:54 PM

reading other threads on gas tank gauge issues. What is the CRV? My temp gauge is working.

YellowRose 07-09-2018 03:19 PM

Fuel tank access
Hi Tim, If that is the original fuel sending unit in the tank, the chances of it having gas in the float, or being defective are good. After all, it is probably as old as you are! The CVR unit is the Constant Voltage Regulator which, in the case of our Squarebirds, and probably your Tbird, located on the back of the instrument panel. The CVR unit takes the 12v from the battery and changes it to an oscillating 0-6V for the 6V gauges in these old Tbirds of our. Yes, the gauges are 6v. What can happen if the CVR unit fails is that the 12v can go right through the CVR unit and attack the wiring of the gauges. The fact that your Temp gauge and others are still working well indicates that your CVR is okay. You may have a problem with the fuel sending unit in the tank. I did on my Squarebird, and when I pulled it out I found the plastic (in some cases metal) float was full of gas. And after some 50+ years of use, the electrical rheostat on it was all corroded and shot. So I bought a new one, and replaced it, grounded it properly and that fixed that problem. Plus, as many of us do, I also added a heavy ground wire to the flange of the gas tank, cleaned off a good spot on the frame and grounded the tank to that. Just make sure if you drill a hole in the tank that it is NOT the tank itself, but a flange where no gas is... Try these things and that might fix your problem. BTW, IF that CVR unit ever goes out on you, you DO risk the 12v getting to the gauges and frying the wiring. It costs several hundred bucks to get those gauges fixed. Ask me how I know... lol.. Our dynamic webmaster, Dave Dare ~ simplyconnected, has a special he runs for our users who become Paid Members, which I see you are not. $20yr paid through PayPal gets you many additional advantages that non-Paid members do not have. One of them is a discount on buying his solid state CVR unit, guaranteed for life. He would need you to send him your CVR unit off your instrument panel so he can build his solid state CVR unit in it and send it back to you. His unit is set up to prevent 12v from going to the gauges should it fail. To my knowledge, none have to this point. You might want to check into this. This is a good way to say a bit of money and become a Paid Member. The money from Paid Memberships is what keeps this Forum going, and helps pay the server bills.... For more information on Paid Memberships, check up the top of the Forum and you will find the information there in the Announcements section.

blue62tbird 07-09-2018 03:29 PM

I just read up on the CRV and it touched on things you just wrote, sorry you had to write all that. My temp gauge works fine, it stays cool and goes up to the same point every time where the car is at running temp. The gas gauge always goes to about 1/4 and sits there when full or thereabouts. It may go down some but I am so scared to run out of gas I keep it fuel after so many miles of driving. Only two times has it read what I thought was correct.
Seems my issue could be sending unit/float or ground?

jopizz 07-09-2018 03:38 PM

You may have gas in the float. That would cause the gauge to never go up to the full mark. It could also be a bad ground. You can ground the sender with out removing it. Remove the access panel and clip a wire from the sender to the body of the car. If the gauge works correctly then it's a ground issue. If it still stays at 1/4 then it could be the sender itself that's bad or the float as I mentioned. You will have to remove the sender to find out.


YellowRose 07-09-2018 03:40 PM

Fuel tank access
Tim, I understand the problem, because I have the same thing on my Squarebird. I do not trust it below 1/4 of a tank, having run out of gas once. However, IF, and I think it is, your Bulletbird fuel and temp gauge is like the Squarebirds, there is an adjustment on the back of that gauge. There is one on the top for the Fuel Gauge and one on the bottom for the Temp gauge. There are two little gears on the left and the right at the top for the Fuel gauge and a matching set of gears at the bottom for the Temp gauge. To get to this gauge you are going to have to take that gauge out of the instrument panel. With either the gas tank empty or as full as you can get it (providing your fuel sending unit float is not full of gas. You may want to check that first), you can turn the gears with a small screwdriver slightly while watching the gauge (still hooked up to power) and watch to see if it goes up or down in reading. I have forgotten if the left hand gear adjusts it down or up, but I think down, and I think the right side raises the reading up. You will have to play with it to see what it does. If the tank is Full, it should be sitting on the F. If it I Empty, it should be sitting on the E. Since you are happy with where the Fuel gauge is reading do NOT touch it.

blue62tbird 07-09-2018 03:48 PM

I am not happy, ha ha ha. It is always at 1/4 full, drops down a little when I drive some gas out of it, I think. Hard to tell. When I fill the tank it stays at the place. Two times the gauge has read what I feel is the correct reading just based on knowing what gas amount was in the tank. Since the other gauges work, I feel it is maybe ground or float/sending unit issue.
Talk of gears? Have not read anything about that.

jopizz 07-09-2018 03:55 PM

If your gauge only goes up to 1/4 most of the time it's not an adjustment problem with the gauge. What Ray is talking about is for making minor adjustments. That's not what you are describing.


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