Irene & Gunnar Svennevik  


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Other classic cars we own:

Chevrolet C10  Silverado '78

Ford Taunus 17 m '69

Under total restoration

(Never ending project...)


Our local American Car club:

Amcar Follo


Our local amcar club have an yearly meet every summer


Spring Meet 2013



This is our '58 Squarebird:

The car was bought May 2011. This car was partly restored in the early 90's. The paint was still looking good with a few exceptions.

The car was not driven much the last 10 years and had a few water leaks that had made some rust both in the floor inside and in the trunk.

The plan was to fix this step by step over some years. This have been done so far.

Winter Project 2011-12Winter project 2012-13Winter project 2013-14








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