Modern Aftermarket Trailer Hitches on Squarebirds

1958 to 1960 Thunderbirds show cars are not all trailer queens. Some continue to haul trailers themselves. Here are some pictures of modern trailer hitches installed on some Squarebirds that are used to haul loads by their owners.

The following are some pictures of the trailer hitch which is installed on Eric Jones's 1960 Thunderbird. It’s not factory made for the squarebird. It’s a home modified one, but it works. He got it installed when he bought the car. He plans to tow his caravan with it. The ball is the standard 50 mm in Sweden.The tube is attached to the underside of the spare tire mount in the trunk with four bolts. Inside the spare tire mount there is a matching steel plate. The metal in the spare tire mount is not thick. This attachment is more like a support for the tube. The rear end is bolted with four bolts, two bolts vertically and two horizontally. These four bolts are enough to take all the force. The weight of the caravan Eric tows is approximately 1677 pounds.


Eric found another Squarebird with a trailer hitch at a car show in Sweden. This one is on a 1960 Golde Top Thunderbird.
Unfortunately, the owner was not nearby the car so he could not ask him about it.


Eric found another Squarebird, a 1959 Thunderbird, with a trailer hitch at another car show in Sweden.

Pictures and information by Eric Jones of Sweden.

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