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November 2001

In June of 2001 I had the privilege of being able to test drive an early production 2002 Thunderbird before it was even offered for sale to the public. I had this good fortune because Southern New York ITC Chapter president James Cassidy referred me to Renato Zacchia, an automotive photographer working for the Italian magazine Auto Classic. I was introduced to Renato Zacchia because he was looking for a restored older Thunderbird to photograph in a comparison shoot with the new 2002 Thunderbird. It was fun working with Renato and his assistant. We took shots of the cars at the train station at Forest Hills Gardens and in Forest Park. My friend, Keith Piacente, drove a pickup truck with Renato in back while the two T-Birds followed him. That is the way he got the great in-motion shot of my 1959 Thunderbird.

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Created 7 March, 2010

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