1957 Fairlane converted to a small block Ford (w/power brakes)

# 1
My buddy is a painter, and this '57 Fairlane was in his shop for months.

# 2
Someone added a single stage booster with a dual M/C.  I was told, they never got the brakes to work right.

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# 4
By the looks of the brake lines, they probably used standard lengths from an auto parts store.

# 5
This looks like a Mustang 5.0 HO carbureted engine.

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# 8
I took these pics in the dark, and was lucky to get what we see.  The 1" motor mount spacer is commonly done.

# 9
Here's another view.  It's just a square piece of metal, 1" thick.





This is about a 65-amp alt w/external regulator.  No electric fan here.  I think his ground wire is too small.

Plenty of room for stock Mustang headers.


With standard one inch motor mount spacer, the front sump oil pan fits nicely over the #2 crossmember.  If you use 'convertible' motor mounts, which are a 1/2" shorter, make your metal spacers at least 1-1/2" tall.



Classic SBF engine.

# 21


Nice aluminum rad, but I believe the original copper rad would have cooled even better, especially with an electric fan.  Notice the belt is a flat grooved modern style, not a V-belt.  (Straight out of a Mustang)

I was trying to show front end shims, here.