1960 Thunderbird Golde Top Artifacts

I found these artifacts in the interior of the 1960 Thunderbird Sunroof that I bought. It is interesting to find these things in an old car, because it gives some insight what the former owner was like and where he traveled.

I know he was a smoker from the cigarette butts I found; the matchbook from ICS confirms this. I didn't save the butts.

Left to right from the top: Sunel Associates Advertising Specialists from Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania (Note the old exchange type telephone number), ICS Matchbook (I wonder if the owner needed an high school equivalency degree), miniature riddle book for children ( I vaguely remember these from my childhood - think they were included in Cracker Jack boxes), Go Sav-A-Stamp - old trading stamps, probably given out in a supermarket, Carvel Ice Cream spoon from the 1960's, 1964 Silver Quarter, 1964 Nickel, 1944 Penny, 1964 Nickel, two Ford ignition and door keys - neither of which fit the car, a key that probably fits a house.

The next weekend, I removed the seats of the Thunderbird, and found even more interesting artifacts. The blue ball point pen was an advertising handout from Brunell and Sons in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The blue fountain pen below it is much more interesting. It is an interesting blue mottled plastic pen made by Esterbrook in Camden, New Jersey. Esterbrook made pens from 1858 to 1971. The were the first in the US to mass produce steel nib fountain pens. It was bought by the Venus pencil company in 1967. The gentleman who had this car was obviously a traditionalist when it came to writing, as he still used a fountain pen. The pen is worth today about $25.

The trading stamps form Martin (paints?) are each marked 10 mills.

The yellow price sticker is from some sort of cosmetic.

The Roosevelt dime is from 1965 - the first year of nickle-copper clad coins.

The "Liddle Riddle" cover belongs to the riddle book on the previous photo. It is marked copyright 1968.

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