Restoration of a 1960 Thunderbird Golde Top


This 1960 Thunderbird is one of only about 2500 made that year with a factory supplied sunroof. The sunroof was designed by a West German company named Golde. That's why it is called a Golde Top, not because the roof is gold colored.

Currently, the car is Raven Black with a Red Leather interior. I want to change the color to Aquamarine body with a Corinthian White Top and a Medium Turquoise interior. This is the color combination of the car featured in the deluxe brochure on the Thunderbird in that year.


The brochure's color is not quite accurate. The body color should be more blue-green - similar to the background color of this page.

The woman in the car resembles my girlfriend. Unfortunately, she is eyeing a guy in a big yacht. I can't afford a big boat like that yet. I hope she settles for a toy submarine in a bathtub.

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